Sandy Homeowner/Renter Assitance Program

Sandy Homeowner/Renter Assistance Program


Does your household have a housing need directly relating to Hurricane Sandy?

The Cumberland County Board of Social Services (CCBSS) is accepting applications for the SHRAP program which offers support to those affected by Sandy.  If you need assistance with rent or mortgage (current or retroactive), utility payments, or essential housing items, please contact the CCBSS at (856) 691-4600 and ask for SHRAP.  Applications are being accepted during office hours which are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am through 4:30 pm. and evening hours on Wednesdays until 7:00 pm.


Required Verification:

Verification of Sandy Related Need (for example, FEMA registration, DCA registration, or other types of verification such as photographs)


Proof of Housing Need (for example, past due or current rent bills; past due or current mortgage statements, if applicable)


Verification of Residency (for example, State issued driver’s license, mortgage statement/lease agreement, utility bill, or other types of verification)


Verification of Citizenship/Eligible Alien Status (One member of the applicant’s household must be a US citizen or an eligible alien which will be verified with birth certificates, voter identification cards, legal permanent resident cards, or other forms of verification.


Verification of Household Composition (for example, income tax return, school records, legal guardianship papers, or other types of verification) 



Please call if you have any questions about SHRAP!

Cumberland County Board of Social Services

275 N. Delsea Dr.

Vineland, NJ  08360
Telephone (856) 691-4600 

Facsimile (856) 696-0548


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