Sandy Relief Modular Ramp Program

NJ Department of Human Services

Division of Disability Services

Sandy Relief Modular Ramp Program 


Program Scope:

Funding* is available to replace, repair or build modular ramps for individuals who require one at their Sandy-impacted primary residences. 

Projects :

DDS is considering applications that fall into one of the 3 categories below:

·         A ramp was damaged due to the storm and needs to be repaired or replaced

·         A ramp is needed in a home or apartment because a person with a disability has relocated as a result of the storm even temporarily

·         An existing ramp is no longer useful because a home has had to be elevated to comply with new building codes

Applicants Must:

·         Reside in New Jersey

·         Have a permanent disability that requires a ramp.  Physician certification of disability and need is required.

·         Show proof of home ownership or have written permission from landlord

·         Provide proof of loss as a result of damage from Superstorm Sandy.

·         Demonstrate that all other sources of payment (e.g.  Insurance, FEMA, Red Cross) are unavailable or exhausted.   DDS is the payer of last resort.

Modular Ramp Design:

·         Modular ramps have no permanent footings, making them easy to install, remove, and relocate as necessary.

·         Ramps may be made of wood, aluminum or steel or fiberglass.  Design options are customized for each home and the needs of each applicant 


For Information or an Application:

The Sandy Relief Modular Ramp Program

NJ Division of Disability Services

PO Box 705

Trenton, NJ 08625

1-888-285-3036 (Toll Free) or 609-631-2450 and Push 9

*Funding for this project is provided by a $2.89 million Social Services Block Grant.

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