Volunteer Assistance from Lord of Life, Summer 2013.

In June of 2013, volunteers from the Lord of Life Lutheran Church visited Cumberland County to render service to our Sandy-impacted residents. We are very grateful for the outstanding work the volunteers did, and look forward to working with such wonderful, caring people in the future.

In total 17 individual residents and/or families received some level of help from the volunteers. The volunteer group was comprised of 20 high school students and 12 adult overseers. Some of the adult volunteers brought a considerable degree of construction experience, and were able to facilitate the completion of skilled and semi-skilled tasks.

Overall, the volunteers from Lord of Life contributed an estimated 1000+ hours of service to residents in three townships, and to the Long Term Recovery Group.

The total direct cost of the volunteer effort came to $210.97, which was provided through a petty cash fund of $500.00 allocated by the LTRG for that purpose. Of this expense, permanent acquisitions for the LTRG include: 2 heavy crow bars, 2 small flat bars, and 2 shingle removing tools. Other expenses included adhesive tiles for the floors of the LTRG office area’s kitchen and bathroom, trash bags, and some accessories needed to complete jobs at the various work sites.

The volunteer effort was also aided by the Downe Township municipal government, who graciously utilized township resources to remove trash and debris generated by the effort.

Click here to view a video about the Lord of Life Summer 2013 mission trip compiled by volunteer Bill Dreisbach.

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Assisting the recovery efforts of Sandy survivors in Cumberland County, NJ