Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers repair a roof in Maurice River Township.


Volunteers are one of the most important parts of the recovery effort. Beyond bringing direct assistance to Sandy-impacted residents through construction-related activities, volunteers also bring a sense of fellowship and shared purpose that uplifts those whom they assist, and demonstrates that there are even complete strangers who are invested in an individual family’s recovery.

While all volunteers are appreciated, at this stage in the recovery process there is pronounced need for skilled and semi-skilled labor.
Volunteers with experience in the building trades, especially roofing, carpentry, electrical work, and general construction, are in high demand.

While construction related volunteer opportunities are restricted, due to liability reasons, to organized groups that can provide insurance for the volunteers, unaffiliated volunteers are welcome to assist in other ways, including assisting with events and community outreach.

If you are interested in volunteering in Cumberland County, please contact the Long Term Recovery Group Project Manager Phillip Tomlinson at (856) 785-2060 ext. 113, or via email at Ptomlinson@bayshorecenter.org.

Youth volunteers work to remove a destroyed deck in Downe Township.


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Assisting the recovery efforts of Sandy survivors in Cumberland County, NJ