What is Long Term Recovery?

Long-term recovery is a term used to refer to the process of rebuilding and restoring the homes and lives of individuals following a major disaster or catastrophe. While a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Sandy may dominate the local and national headlines and airwaves for months, the process of recovery may continue for years, especially for those survivors whose circumstances may impede their capacity to recover and rebuild unassisted.

The Cumberland County Long Term Recovery Group is chartered to do just that: help those victims of Sandy who are not in a position to provide for their own complete recoveries. Though the process is a long and oftentimes difficult one for disaster survivors, through collaborative effort, and the cooperation of local, regional, state and national partners, we can make full recovery from the devastation of Sandy a reality here on New Jersey’s Western Shore.

If you need assistance with Sandy recovery, or simply need information about what programs may be available to assist you, please contact the Cumberland County Long Term Recovery Group at LTRGCumberland@gmail.com or call (856) 785-2060 ext. 113. COUNTYMAP